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Fishing Drone 1 FD1 Swellpro Waterproof Fishing Drone BaitDrop Bundle with insurance.

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Introducing the Fisherman Drone 1 - FD1

This bundle includes:

FD1 Drone

PL1S Bait Release

3 Flight Batteries total

Remote Control

6 Carbon Fiber Propellers (3 pairs)

1 Year CPS Accidental Warranty


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An entry level fishing drone with an easy price

FD1 Swellpro fishing drone

The FD1 is the only waterproof fishing drone engineered to deliver your baits and long lines up to 1.6 km.

drone fishing swellpro fisherman

The Fisherman means you don’t need a boat to get to the best coastal fishing spots. Shore-based anglers can dramatically extend the casting range and drop multiple baits up to 2kg (4.4 pounds) at once.

Fd1 swellpro fishing drone landing on water

The FD1 in an entry level drones for those who want all the basic functions of a fishing drone at a low price.

Swellpro Fishing Drone 1

4.4 pounds bait Capacity

With its superior 4.4 pounds bait capacity, the SwellPro Fisherman gives you the flexibility to carry more than 10 baited hooks or lures on each cast or drop heavy live baits for sharks or tuna.

FD1 fishing drone dropping bait

Payload release options

The Fisherman FD1 Drone offers two optional electric payload release mechanisms. Remotely and precisely drop baits at the target location with push-button convenience.

PL1-F Bait Release. 

Mechanical payload release without camera for simple casting.

PL1F drone bait release for swellpro drone


PL2-F Payload release with a manual angle-adjustable camera for real-time vision. With the optional FPV goggles, you can view live HD video from the PL2-F to easily scout where the fish are. The camera’s wide dynamic range maximize details in sun-glare.

PL2F bait release for Swellpro Fishing Drone


You don’t need to drive a boat to troll for fish. With the SwellPro Fisherman, you can troll your line to attract pelagic fish. The optional TrollSafe release device can automatically release the line when you get a strike. Adjust the release to suit the conditions. TrollSafe can also protect your drone in case of a reel jam or a bird striking your line.

FD1 fishing drone trolling on water

FD1 Trollsafe

Trollsafe release device (optional)

The Trollsafe can be directly mounted onto the SwellPro Fisherman or used in conjunction with PL1-F and PL2-F.

FD1 waterproof fishing drone landing on water 

IP67 seawater proof

The fuselage of the SwellPro Fisherman is made from industrial-grade ABS and is 100% water-sealed and pressure-tested.

Both the external waterproof motors and internal electronics are coated for further corrosion resistance. 

After dropping your baits, simply flick the Return-home switch on the remote and the SwellPro Fisherman will fly itself back to its take-off point and gently land automatically so you can focus on reeling the fish in!

Fishing Drone FD1 Swellpro Return to home

Intelligent return home

After dropping your baits, simply flick the Return-home switch on the remote and the SwellPro Fisherman will fly itself back to its take-off point and gently land automatically so you can focus on reeling the fish in!

FD1 fishing waterproof drone flight control

Anti-Pendulum Feature

Drones may have a pendulum motion when flying with a payload. This feature can reduce the pendulum effect on the Fisherman by controlling the acceleration and de-acceleration.

 Waterproof fishing drone battery feature

Failsafe Return

In case of loss of signal, or when the battery level reaches a low threshold, the Fisherman drone will automatically release the fishing line and return to its starting point.

Waterproof drone GPS swellpro FD1

New interference-resistant GPS & altimeter design

The new elevated GPS and altimeter pod provides more precise position and altitude control against interference. The new pod also makes sure the compass always “go north” in unusual magnetic fields.

FD1 fishing drone bait release waterproof

Waterproof Drone video goggles

GL1 FPV Goggles (optional)

The optional FPV goggles can be used as a display screen or on-face goggles to ensure a clear live view from the fisherman even in bright sunlight.

 FD1 fishing drone waterproof with video goggles


What's in the box:



FD1 fishing drone manual download