Product Description

This is our BOLT210 race frame designed from the ground up to win. It features lightweight design and low surface area to maximize your forward kinetic energy.  Unfortunately landing this baby is a nightmare as the required camera angles are ridiculous .

Key features are:

Symmetrical motor locations at 210 diagonal spacings.
Low weight at ~85 grams.
Ultra low surface area for reduced wind resistance at high speed
Thick CF unibody design 4mm for bottom plate and 1.5mm for top plate
14mm wide arms
Extensive bumper protection
Lower 30mm profile for strength
Innovative structural system and component layout
M3x12mm titanium fasteners
Supports 2204 motors and 5in props 
Up to 50 degrees camera tilt

Further information on the frame design is contained in the thread on rcgroups.

The package includes:
CF Top Plate : 1.5mm
  CF Bottom Plate : 4.0mm
  CF Front Top Bumper : 1.5mm 

  CF Rear Top Bumper : 1.5mm
  CF Camera Support Plate: 1.5mm (2 pcs) - compatible with HS1177
  CF Rear Spine: 1.5mm 

  M3x10mm - 4pcs Nylon Hex Standoffs Black (4 pcs)
  M3x6mm - Nylon Pan philips Machine Screws Black (5 pcs)

  M3x8mm - Nylon Pan philips Machine Screws Black (5 pcs)
  M3x12mm - Nylon Pan philips Machine Screws Black (5 pcs)
  M3x12mm - Titanium Hex Button Machine Screws (10 pcs)
  M3 Countersunk Alu washers black (10pcs)

  M3x30mm - Aluminium Round Standoffs Black (4 pcs)
  M3x1mm - black nylon washers (20pcs)
  Naze mini pdb - black solder mask
  BOLT250 battery Strap

Bonus Items:
  Small 2mm zipties (10pcs)
  Large 3.6mm zipties (4pcs)
  3M double sided tape


Build Comments

This frame is built for racing and accordingly is not as strong as the BOLT250.  If you are into hard core proximity or heavy 2206+ setups, you should be aware of the breakage risk! 

When comparing this frame to others, please factor in the impact of the symetrical motor (x) pattern. eg. If we swung arms closer together, in a non symetrical pattern, this frame would be equivalent to a 190 size.  On the 180, you are looking at an equivalent of a 160 size.

The motor mount holes are on the 210 do not incorporate a 16x12 pattern for 1806 motors. We do this to maximize the strength of this arm section. You can however extend the slots to fit these motors if you wish. Always use washers for the motor mount bolts, especially with the smaller M2 screws for the 1806 motors.

The photos are of both the 210 and 180 versions.  The only difference between the frames is the bottom plate with all other hardware and CF plate interchangeable.

As these vertical CF plates are integral to the design, we have kept the tolerances as tight as we can. Accordingly, some sanding of the tabs for the vertical plates may be required to fit into the slots. Please avoid oversanding for a sloppy fit. Always include the vertical plates and bumpers in your build, they are a key structural design feature.  

The battery strap MUST go around the entire frame body and not just the top plate.  This is a key design feature which clampts the two plates togther with the vertical plates.  We recommend the longer BOLT battery straps (30cms) for this reason. 


The BOLT races frames shares a common layout and accordingly, this 180 build video applies to the 150, 180, 210 and 225.