Gemfan 5x3 3D Glass Fiber Propeller for Freestyle Quadcopter Set of 4
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Rotation: CW/CCW Length: 5 inch Pitch: 3 inch Material: Nylon Glass Fiber Weight: 3 grams Hub ID: 5mm Hub thickness: 7mm .. Read more
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3D props baby!..sorry I get exited thinking about it... ok, here's the "technical" stuff about these props: They're GemFams, if you know GemFam, you know they're the sh... well, I can't say here, but you know what I mean, they're good! people be winning freestyle competitions with them and stuff.

..and now what the manufacturer has to say, cue music: GemFam Propellers are known for their quality and reliability. This set of 4 nylon glass fiber propellers for are specially designed 3D flight, and rip some balls (I added that last part).

5x3 GemFam 3D Quad Propellers

These 3D Freestyle quad propellers are two blade style with a 5mm center hub. They come with a set of plastic reducers.