Splash Drone Waterproof AUTO version 2
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Product Description
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Payload Release System
  • Travel Case Included
  • 7 inch monitor included
  • Waterproof Gimbal Included
  • 19 Minute Flight Time
  • Fast Shipping from the U.S.
  • Drone Health Monitor on Remote
  • Follow-Me Mode
  • Auto Return To Home
  • Autonomous Navigation with mobile App
  • Land and Float on Water
  • See Under Water
  • Low Battery Safety Landing
  • Hard ABS Body Design for Durability
  • Available in White or Orange
  • Call us for questions 954-213-4977
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$1,599.00 $1,899.99

Splash Drone is Fully Waterproof and Ready to Fly out of the Box


Splash Drone AUTO is fully waterproof, can land on water and can see under water with its waterproof camera gimbal.



The revolutionary remote control lets you move with ease for up to a mile while monitoring the Splash Drone AUTO's health on the color screen.

The Payload Release System is able to carry objects of up to 2 pounds to fly and drop at specific locations. Suitable for water rescue with lifesaving device or even drop bait.

The Splash Drone AUTO is the first drone in the world to be equipped with a waterproof camera gimbal. It is capable of carrying any GoPro 3, GoPro 4 (GoPro firmware permitting) or the ZERO Camera. When using the ZERO camera you can take pictures, start and stop video recording from the remote control. (camera not included)


The Auto Return to Home function prevent the drone from flying too far due to operator error.

The real time On Screen Display (OSD) data on on the controller shows the Drone Health Status.



This drone is designed for the outdoor type who uses a GoPro camera to capture their adventure on water or land. Watch the videos to see the Splash Drone in action, and check out the detailed feature list below!

Returns home at the flip of a switch
  • Returns home at the flip of a switch.
  • Automatically returns if travels too far.
  • Climbs to a set altitude before returning home.
  • Easy to fly with altitude stabilization
  • Steady flight in up to 25mph wind
  • Speeds of up to 28mph
25 miles an hour wind resistance
  • Focusing on a single object is automatic
  • Camera point of interest keeps any item in focus - regardless of the flight pattern
  • Automatically fly around you with Intelligent Orientation Mode
  • Built-in safety features keep your drone safe
  • Low battery warning with alarm and LED 
  • If no response, the drone will land itself
  • Remote control with 7" display
  • On screen display provides key flight data
  • Stream live video from GoPro camera to the monitor


  • Ready to Fly Splash Drone AUTO
  • Waterproof Gimbal with GoPro Case
  • Payload Release Mechanism
  • Four Carbon Fiber Propellers
  • 2.4ghz 8 Channel Remote Control
  • Aluminum Travel Case
  • 7" Video Monitor - 5.8ghz Diversity
  • Flight Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Internal 5.8ghz Video Transmitter


download manual here

Drone & Battery & Radio Controller

Splash Drone

Fullset Weight


Hovering precision

0.2 m

Max Yaw Angular Velocity


Max pitch Tilting Angle


Max Ascending/descending Velocity


Max flying speed

Real test 21m/s

Axis Diameter


Flight Time(without payload)

20 mins ( 5200 mAh)

Flight Time(Full Set)

15 mins ( 5200 mAh)

Max Take-off Weight



-10C°~ 40C°


Type and Capacity

4S 14.8V 5200mAh Lipo battery

Charging Temperature

-10C°~ 40C°

2.4GHz Radio controller

Net Weight


Operation Frequency

2405 ~ 2475HMZ

Radio Range

1.0 KM

Receiver sensitivity (1%PER)


Working current

120 mA




10 channels