Splash Drone 3 Kickstarter Affiliate Program

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    Share your unique link with your friends to receive 2% for of the amount that you help raise.
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    General Rules and Guidelines:

    You must have a Paypal account to receive payment. If you don't have a paypal account, you can sign up at Paypal.com

    Conversions are tracked by Kickstarter. You will receive 2% net of the total you help raise.

    Payments are made to your paypal account 14 days af the Kickstarter campaign ends. This will allow enough time for the Kickstarter funds to clear and all sales are accurately tabulated. If the Kickstarter campaign is not succesful, this program will be suspended.

    You will receive your unique link by email within 24 hours. Feel free to post the link everywhere on the internet. The more you post it, the better you will do.

    Please do not spam. Spamming is not cool.

    Have questions? Let us know via the Kickstarter Project here


    You will be notified by email with your uniqe referal link within 24 hours.

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