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BW Space Pro Underwater Drone

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BW SPACE PRO Underwater Drone

Create Your Own Underwater Exploration

Sharper Image I Greater Stability I Powerful Construction

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Capture Stunning Underwater Images with a 4K HD Camera

The BW Space Pro is the world's clearest, most reliable consumer underwater drone. Using SONY's state of the art 4K high-definition camera, the BW Space PRO by Youcan combines sharp image capture technology with features like image stabilization and digital defogging, to create videos and photos that are made to be seen.

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Enhanced Image Stabilization

BW Space Pro's enhanced image stabilization capabilities make our underwater drone capable of shooting professional quality video even in rough waters, ensuring that your final piece is clean, clear, and ready for viewing.

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Precision Control Algorithm, Highly Flexible Underwater Movement

With the motion control algorithm, the drone is capable of flexibly moving forward and backward, rotating 360°, tilting 45°, and vertical moving.

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Four Motor Underwater Drone Stability

Youcan's underwater drone is one of the most stable across any type of water. It uses four motors to manage directionality – two for horizontal movement, two for vertical – using a symmetrical structure that keeps the drone moving steadily – at a speed of as much as 1.5 meters per second.

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Intelligent Automatic Depth Setting

The BW Space Pro is a smart device that can make automatic calculations and compensation in real-time. It can be easily programmed to hover at a specific depth underwater, or travel up, down, and forward smoothly to another location.

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Stable Signal Transmission

Using a more advanced WiFi signal that integrates MIMO technology and multi-channel transmission, our underwater drones are capable of a very strong, uninterrupted signal as much as 100 meters away with very low latency. 

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Longer Battery Life with 9000mAH Battery

By combining a large battery with a highly efficient diversion motor design, the BW Space Pro is able to work continuously for up to 5 hours on a single charge, making it easy to perform more advanced underwater exploration. 

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Fully Sealed Motor Smooth Driving

The BW Space Pro's motor is designed specifically for durable underwater use. It integrates fully sealed, anti-sea-salt crystallization features, and high-power Japanese bearings. The result is a motor with low power consumption, high reliability, and a long service life.

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330 FT Depth Range for Amazing Discoveries

The BW Space Pro is capable of going far beyond scuba depth. Its sturdy construction means that it can handle immense pressure, and travel to depths as low as 330 FT, allowing you to see a world you could not access before.

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View Live Video and Control Your Robot Via Phone and Tablet

Youcan Robot created the Youcan Dive App to give you complete control over your underwater drone and view live images and video. It also supports multiple devices, so you can share your discoveries with others. 

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Social Media Integration

It's one thing to capture underwater photos and video. But you're going to want to share your findings. Our application allows you to share your imagery to social media with only one click.

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Underwater Live-streaming

Youcan designed this underwater drone to be used in education, fact finding, sea exploration, news reports, and more. To do that, we designed it to be capable of crystal clear live streaming, with a maximum transmission rate of 433 Mbps using the 5.0 Hz WiFi Repeater.

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Intuitive Viewing Experience

Capable of delivering images to smartphones, tablets, TVs, and via the web – means that the video captured by these smart drones can be shared across nearly any type of device.

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Immersive VR Capable

Because the BW Space Pro can be integrated with your smartphones, it can also be viewed using VR devices. Create underwater virtual reality adventures without getting wet.

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See Our Real Shooting Effects in Different Forms of Water

Water is a notoriously challenging shooting environment. Particles within the water can distort light, blur images, and more. But our underwater drones were designed to capture images in anything from clear, normal, and cloudy water – day or night. See some examples of photos below:

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Step 1: Connect the drone and WiFi Repeater with the tether.

Step 2:Connect the WiFi Repeater signal on a mobile phone or tablet. 

Step 3: Put the drone in the water and use the mobile phone APP for remote control.


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1. What are the weight and size of the BW Space Pro?

The weight is about 9.9 lb and its size is 16*12*5 inch.

2. How many meters can BW Space Pro dive?

Deepest diving depth can reach 328ft.

3. How long does the BW Space Pro battery last?

Normally for 3-4 hours, but the maximum time can reach almost 5 hours. It depends on the actual usage, such as whether to turn on the lights, the brightness of the lights, the running speed and whether to turn on long-term shooting.

4. How long does the WiFi Repeater operate?

It can operate for up to four hours. 

5. How long does it take to charge BW Space Pro and WiFi Repeater respectively?

It takes four hours for the BW Space Pro to charge, and about 1.5 hours for the base station.

6. When charging, can I turn it on? Can I use it while charging?


7. Do I have to use the tether to control the BW Space Pro?

Yes, because underwater signal transmission is relatively complex, the tether can play a significant role in underwater signal transmission and also preventing the loss of the drone.

8. What is the length of tether?

The standard tether in the kit is 100 meters, and we also offer 50 meters and 150 meters cable for customers to purchase based on the needs.

9. How much tension can the tether withstand?

The tether has a cable breaking strength of 150 kg, so please do not pull the connector strongly.

10. Can WiFi Repeater be put into water?

No, the WiFi Repeater is not waterproof and cannot be operated under the water.

11. What is the fastest speed of BW Space Pro?

The fastest speed is 1.5 m/s.

12. How many meters is the visibility?

This is directly affected by water quality and underwater light. The normal visibility is 3.28~26.2ft away, and the visibility in turbid waters is about 3.28ft.

13. Is there an HDMI interface? Can I connect to the broadcaster?

The underwater footage can be directly connected to the broadcasting station through the Youcan HDMI Box.

14. What is the brightness of the BW Space Pro?

The BW Space Pro front camera is equipped with dual LED lights of 1380lm and it can automatically adjust its brightness in accordance to the underwater environment.

15. Can I use a mobile phone to control the BW Space Pro?

Yes, users can download and install the latest version of Youcan Dive App in App Store and Google Play to control its movement and shooting through Youcan Dive App.

16. Can BW Space Pro move vertically under water?

Yes, the BW Space Pro has 2 propellers in horizontal and vertical directions respectively and it can move vertically.

17. What is the pitch angle of BW Space Pro?

The pitch angle of BW Space Pro can reach 45 °, which is functional in depth maintenance. In tilt shot, it can be used to realize the stable underwater position to take clearer images.

18. How to know the remaining battery of BW Space Pro and WiFi Repeater?

The BW Space Pro remaining battery can be viewed through the battery icon at the top of the Youcan Dive APP operating interface, and the power of the WiFi Repeater can be indicated by the SOC indicator in the lower right corner of the front of the Wifi Repeater. When the battery power is low, the SOC LED will turn red and continue to flicker, or you can also look at the power icon at the top of the operating interface.

19. How many people can use BW Space Pro at the same time?

BW Space Pro is divided into control mode and viewing mode, which only supports one person to use, but many people to watch at the same time (3 ~ 4 people perfect ). The mode can be set through the Youcan Dive App.

20. Does BW Space Pro support live-streaming?

Yes, BW Space Pro supports a group of major domestic and foreign social media and live-broadcasting platforms.

21. The machine is unable to connect to the machine and interfaces in APP continues to pop up searching devices or APP has remained in the verifying interface, what should I do?

Redownload the latest version of Youcan Dive App.

22. Is it normal for drones to beep as they connect to it?

Yes, it is a normal sound, which indicates that the drone is charged. If there is no beep noise, indicating that the motor is damaged, please contact our after-sales team in time:

23. How much memory does BW Space Pro have and how much video can you record? Can I replace my memory card?

The BW Space Pro memory card has a capacity of 64 GB, and the duration of the shooting depends on the resolution and frame rate of the video. The BW Space Pro can take 4.6 hours of 4K 30 fps video. The memory card is built-in, and the users cannot replace the memory card.

24. What are the formats of photos and videos?

Photos are saved in JPEG format while video format is MP4.

25. Can BW Space Pro record underwater sounds?

Not yet.

26. What about after-sales policies of BW Space Pro?

Since the date of purchase, we offer the services of 7-day return, 15-day replacement,365-day free warranty. Within 7 days after receiving goods, the customer shall apply for a return or exchange, on the condition that customers ensure the integrity of the product packaging and accessories that do not affect resales and the product has non-human caused quality problems or functional defects. For more after-sales policies, please visit the Youcan Store:

27. Where can I buy BW Space Pro?

BW Space Pro will be sold on Amazon and two major platforms of eBay, and also users can also purchase our products at the official Youcan Store website

28. How long can I receive the product after the order?

After the order, 3-5 days will be taken to ship the goods and shipping time will normally take 7-10 days.

29. Can I use BW Space Pro in the seawater?

Yes, BW Space Pro can be used in seawater, but you'd better clean it with fresh water to avoid salt crystallization.