Powerful Functions and Configuration

Live broadcast
Social media sharing
HDMI output
Time-reducing photography
Taking photos while recording video
Quick editing features
Chasing M2 underwater ROV drone lights

Multi-Angle Shooting and Accurate Hover

M2 can hover accurately in any attitude with one touch Depth-Lock Mode and used for shooting, observation and operation from any Angle.

M2 underwaterdrone urbandrones.com

Accurate Recording of Temperature Depth in Real Time

M2 can record underwater temperature, depth, to provide you with professional underwater data support.

chasing m2 underwater remote control drone

Anti-Stuck Motor

The patented Anti-Stuck Motor technology is adopted to greatly reduce the failure probability of the motor getting stuck in the sand, and it can operate safely and reliably in all kinds of complicated underwater environments.

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chasing m2 underwater drone operations
chasing M2 underwater drone urbandrones.com

Swappable Battery

The default 97.68WH lithium battery (2-4 hours dive time) , Optional 200WH Battery, CHASINGS swappable battery will make your operation time unlimited.

m2 chasing underwater drone battery urbandrones.com

chasing m2 underwater drone urbandrones.com
What's in the box:
Chasing M2 underwater drone unboxing