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Freego E10 Pro | Powerful eScooter for City Commute

Larger 10 inch wheels and 500W Motor 48 volts for fast response and great torque.

   25 Mph Max. Speed

   25 Miles Range

   500W Brushless DC Motor

   220 lbs (100 kg)  Max Payload

   48V 6Ah Battery + Fast Charging Technology

   Electronic Brake (rear) + Drum Brake (front)

   Dual Front Suspension

   24% Uphill Grade

   Built-In Front LED Lights

   10" Inflation Free Tire with Hollow

   IP54 Water Resistance

   Road Adaptive

Faster and More Powerful than Ninebot Max and Xiaomi M365, This is for Real man of up to 250 pounds.

Introducing New Urban Mobility

The E10 Pro is the extension of our brand philosophy to make the modern life more comfortable, convenient, and safe. We want it to be effortless for you to explore your surroundings. With its lightweight design and enhanced performance, this portable folding-frame scooter lets you go further with less effort. While other batteries on the market need 8 hours or more to fully charge, our new proprietary Fast Charging Technology allows you to charge up to 80% in only 2 hours.

High Quality Standards

Back in the day, going from home to work or going from work to home was a much simpler affair—a mode of transportation you'd use for at least a good chunk of your day was a must. But today, things are a little different. Scooters make a lot of sense as a convenient and quick way to commute short distances, and the Freego E10 Pro is one slick solution if you're looking to move about on two wheels. The scooter has been designed around North American standards and quality control processes, and comes with an 6-month warranty that should help give you peace of mind.

Get More Power to Ride Uphill

With great power come less responsibility—because of the Explore's exceptional braking capabilities. This Apollo scooter features two high-performance disc brakes and an electric regenerative hand brake, which passes a reverse current through the motor to slow you down and recharge your battery simultaneously. Add all this up and what do you get? An average braking distance of 8 ft or 2.45 meters, and a high-powered scooter that's always letting you ride further, better, and safer.


E10 Pro

The Go Anywhere, Do Anything Electric scooter

The E10 Pro is the right choice. It's much safer than a standard push scooter, and it's much more fun than an under $1000 Electric Scooter. Plus, it has the power to climb hills up to 25° .


Technical Specifications

This is what makes the E10 Pro the best in its class.

The Freego E10Pro is unlike no other scooter you've ridden before. It is a revolutionary new class of scooter: Light. Fast. Long Range. Able to carry adults and children alike with ease, and fit in the trunk of your car or fit even in an airplane's overhead bin. When we started we wanted to create the best commuting electric scooter on the market and we succeeded. No compromises just pure fun and adventure at your fingertips.