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Main features:

  1. A full automatic mechanical release series mainly used for fishing. As a full mechanical it does not require a battery or any electronics.
  2. Standard spry. The Universal is adaptable to most drones that are strong enough to fish with the addition of custom brackets,
  3. The lightest purpose-designed release in the world at only 13g, 7x lighter than its closest rival.
  4. Designed not to interfere with your drones (Visual Positioning Sensors) VPS sensors in default optimal installation position. VPS remains ON, unobstructed and active so you are not risking your camera or drone by disabling it. See WARNINGS below for more,
  5. Mounts in seconds to your drone with no tools required,
  6. Clear from the drone camera including the large P4Pro & Adv camera,
  7. Over 4kg release ability (used on the Inspire 2 & custom drones)
  8. A spry can lift Max, 100 Max recommended bait, more possible but not recommended. Easy setting from 50g-1,4kg when used on the Phantoms,
  9. Weight settings.