Kraken 5X Racing Frame
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Product Description

The Kraken 5X is a light weight , symetrical X design quad frames with superb flight characteristics and outstanding maneuverability.

Kraken 5x

The Kraken 5 frames were created in collaboration with the top BOLT race team pilots with the goal of producing an ultra-competitive race winning frame. 

Coupled with our unique molded aerodynamic polycarbonate pod the Kraken 5 delivers a racing pedigree that is hard to match for speed, handling, weight and strength.

The Kraken 5X has 4mm thick replaceable arms, a custom 2.0mm PDB and the Pod is made from 3mm polycarbonate sheet.  This compares to the Kraken 5R frame which is a lighter frame with skinnier arms, a 1.6mm PDB and a 2mm polycarbonate pod.

The frame build is quite simple when compared to other extreme X frames. This reflects the unique pod design, custom pdb and integrated camera mount. This keeps your FC stack low with ample space for your electronics.

Typical build weights are approx 280-300 grams depending on your selected components. 

The kit comprises of :

Kraken 5X Arms - 4pcs

Kraken 5 Base Plate - 1.5mm CF - 1pc

Kraken 5X PDB - 2.0mm Custom PDB with an integrated mount for a polulu - 1pc

Kraken 5 Hardware Pack - 1 pack

Kraken PC Pod - 3.0mm - 2pcs

Kraken HS1177 Cam Bracket Kit - 1 pack

Battery Pad

PDB FC Inset Nuts - 5pcs


[1] Whilst the pod is extremely tough, it is a different material to CF and therefore should be handled differently.
[2] The onboard regulator should be used to power your camera and VTX otherwise a brownout will occur.
[3] Pls use the longer self tap screws in the kit to mount the camera. ie. dont use the the ones in the bracket kit.
[4] The Foxeer arrow will fit however you require M2x10mm self tap screws to fit, not supplied in the kit.