LiPo Cell Checker & Low Voltage Alarm
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This product is suitable for the LiPoly battery voltage measurement, remote control model by stmicroelectronics STM8L152C6 12 bit ADC low-power microcontroller, can accurately measure 2 ~ 6 cells LiPo battery voltage and cell voltage. When the battery in the process of discharge, if you have a cell voltage reached set value, can timely remind consumer to avoid discharge, and can record the discharge cell voltage has reached the lowest.

Suitable for 2 ~ 6 cells Lipo/LiFe;
The 12 bit ADC low-power microcontroller;
Low voltage alarm, and can set alarm thresholds;
Can record the discharge unit of voltage in the lowest;
LCD screen, under the bright light can still display;
Double buzzer, 85 db + 85 db;
Reverse connect protection.

Working voltage range: 5 ~ 27 v DC;
Set alarm threshold voltage: 2.7 ~ 4.0V or OFF;
The voltage display resolution: 1 mv;
Voltage accuracy: + / - 0.25%;
Static power: < 10 ma
Pin spacing: 2.54 mm
Size: 25 x 44 x7. 5 mm
Weught: 12g

Package Includes:

1 x Matek Precision LCD 6S Power Monitor