Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 Plug and Play Racing Quad
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Product Description
$239.99 $250.00
This thing is absolutely beautiful and it's plug and play. But don't get be mistaken, just because it's a plug and play quad, doesn't mean that it's low quality. This beast is equipted with the powerful eMax RS2205 Red Bottom motors 2300kv.
emax night hawk 200 pro quad
This animal comes fully assembled, so it will probably take you about 10 minutes from the time that you open the carrying case (also included), to the time that you're in the air. All you have to do is install the included four 5050 props, install your receiver and boom!, you're ready.
emax nighthawk racing quad 
And then there's the camera that is already installed. This camera has the same body and specs as the RunCam Swift 2 - CCD 600TVL and it includes a button cable to change the settings for best performance in different light conditions. The swivel allows you to change the angle to always have the best view during flight.
night hawk Pro 200 mini quad drone

Features Highlight

Nighthawk Pro 200 PNP Quadcopter, installed with the latest in drone racing technology, allows new pilots in the hobby to progressively fly like the professionals. The Nighthawk Pro 200 features a great price, amazing value, and technology compared to competitor's products.
  • Race ready motors right out of the box. The RS2205 motors are the Champion's choice for competition. Now you can get the best!
  • Modular design with the ability to switch out main components without having to solder to small connectors.
  • Full LED coverage to help gauge orientation in the brightest of days and darkest of nights.
  • Easy access port to switch off motor mount LED’s
  • Plastic molded motor guards and bottom shell for increased durability and protection of electronics in the event of a crash.
  • High quality 3k Carbon fiber mainframe for maximum structural integrity.
  • CCD Camera for high quality image through FPV.
  • Adjustable for different lighting conditions.
  • 25-200mw switchable Video Transmitter with 48 Channels of frequency.
  • Digital LED display for easy view of current channel setting.
  • Integrated Power Distribution Board (PDB) to supply regulated power for all electronic components.
  • 2mm Socket Button Head Screws are standard.
  • Adjustable camera mount to suit faster (high camera angle) or more stable (low camera angle) flights.
  • Top cover to accommodate an HD camera.


nighthawk pro 200 racing drone specs


Wheelbase(L x W x H)( Not including propeller)


Package(L x W x H)

260mm x 185mm x 65mm

Nighthawk Pro 200(L x W x H)

207mm x 165mm x 43mm (Not including antenna)




T5050 Tri-Blade Propeller

Flight controller

SP Racing F3 ACRO




Lightning_S 25A (BLHeli_S)

Flight weight (g)

370g  (Not including battery)




3S -4S LiPo Battery (Not including)

ready to fly racing drone
nighthawk pnp emax models drone
The 4mm carbon fiber frame gives it a very strong body that can withstand the hardest of crashes.
emax night hawk carbon fiber frame
From the 5.8ghz circular polarized antenna to the F3 Flight controller, every component the Emax Nighthawk Pro 200 includes, is of the highest quality and since you can customize the PIDs and calibrate the ESCs in Beta Flight, you know this racing quad will be stable and always ready.
emax night hawk parts list
This racing drone is equipped with an internal switchable 5.8ghz video transmitter that can be set to pits mode or 25mw to 200mw at the press of a button. This vtx also has 48 channels and an SMA connector.
nighthawk 25mw to 200mw video transmitter
emax nighthawk vtx frequency chart