RaGG-e 200h Quadcopter Frame for Racing or Freestyle
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Product Description
The 200mm HDPE frame offers Durability and unparalleled Strength to give any level pilot the confidence in flight, with the knowledge that there will be no more arm changes.
It protects the vital components in an enclosed shell, without restricting the component selection.
Ragg-e quad copter Build View
Along with the 3d printed Cam mounts and Carbon Fibre Top Plates this frame will grow with your ability in flying.
This frame is designed for 4" props and up to 22 size motors. RaGG-e 200H FPV Quadcopter Frame
Ragg_e 200H
Materials: 12.7 HDPE
Fasteners: Stainless Steel
Size: 200mm diagonally, 155mm wide
Maximum Propeller: 4"
Motor Mount: M3 6mm
Flight Controller Mount: Kiss, NAze or CC3D
Weight: 130g
What's in the box: (motors and other parts seen on pictures are for illustration purposes and not included in the package)

Ragg-e 200h frame build Package