UBAD 30a Angry-Beast Mini-ESC
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Strongest, Smallest, fastest, most reliable mini-ESC around!!!

This little ESC is in a class of it's own.  With it's highspeed refresh rates, high capacity current, all contained in a small package.  There is nothing more to call it than an ANGRY BEAST!!!

Damped Light (Active Braking) Enabled out of the package!!!

Dedicated fast switching gate driver!!!

OneShot125 Compatible!!!

WARNING!!! Due to the sensitivity of the FETS on small ESC's - Desoldering any component/wire of the Angry-Beasts will void any warranty claims.

Each unit is powered up at UBAD to check for magic smoke.  We are certain you are getting a working product when it leaves.  Be sure to test all connections with a multimeter before powering up for the first time.


  • BlHeli: Dampend light enabled and OneShot125 compatible
  • Max continuous load: 30 amps
  • Burst Current:  40A/30sec
  • BEC: None
  • Lipo Cells: 2 to 4 cells
  • Processor: SiLabs F390
  • Bootloader: BlHeli
  • Firmware/Hex File/Flashed With: XRotor40a
  • Servo Cable Flashable - via Beast-Mode Flasher (Arduino Nano) - (RG Stick not tested, but should work.)


  • 27mm L x 14mm W x 5mm H
  • 12g with wires