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Drone Fishing: Takeover The Seas

Drone Fishing: Takeover The Seas

Drone Fishing

It was only a couple of years ago that drones were only afforded to the military elite. Presently, they've invaded the Christmas lists of millions of children and teenagers.

And it keeps getting better.

A truly creative generation that's always in search for the next life-hack, we've figured out numerous ways to use drones. While websites like hack-a-day are revealing the latest in drone technology and its many potential uses, they're wrong about one thing.


Drone Fishing: Yes it's Real (& Awesome)

In this article about drone fishing, they do a fantastic job of presenting a how-to guide for setting up your drone for fishing.

Complete with a video of the activity, author Gerrit Coetzee explains how drone fishing is the newest drone-centered thrill that drone hobbyists should be seeking.

However, in one regard he is mistaken.

Gerrit says, "as long as man is willing to risk a thousand dollar drone set-up, he can descend upon unsuspecting fish with robotic precision. It is very unfair, and awesome."

What if you didn't have to risk anything?


Drone Fishing: Safe with the Waterproof Drone

Classic novels like Moby Dick depict the battle of wits between man and fish. Fishing was a sport and required special skills. Well, thanks to artificial intelligence and the latest in drone technology, you’ll soon no longer need special skills.You won’t even need a boat!




The only requirements will be a fishing rod and your waterproof drone.



waterproof drones

Defeat Fish - Get a Waterproof Drone (pixabay)


Those who've made a hobby of flying quadcopter drones may already be familiar with the new horizons drone creators are reaching. 

Advancements in quadcopter and drone technology have drastically improved for the consumer market. Over the past 24 months, we've seen a steady rise in high-quality drones. The best part is that while the quality increases, the prices have remained reasonable.

A few hundred dollars could get you a drone that is rugged and ready for a more active lifestyle.

Aerial drone photography and videos have become progressively popular. Drone owners didn't want to risk losing or damaging their expensive camera, GoPro or drone. The limits of these amazing shots stood where land meets water.

Those previously standing limits have been shattered.

Now, drone photography can extend to the ocean or sea.


Are Waterproof Drones Extra Expensive?

In recent months there has been a rise in waterproof drones hitting the market. 

Some, like one released by popular drone manufacturer Parrot, are of lower quality and at under $200, cost-effective. For those looking for something a little more feature-rich and durable, there are several options. Much like any type of drone, it depends on how high-end you want yours to be (see article linked at end for a review of several waterproof drones).



Thanks to waterproof drones, you can now fly your quadcopter over the seas or ocean and capture rarely-before seen footage.

Or, as the article suggests, catch some tuna!

To learn more about waterproof drones and the models currently on the market, you can read the following article: 

The Best Waterproof Drones On The Market (from

Image courtesy of Pixabay



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