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Chasing CamX Underwater Fishing Camera

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Chasing CamX Underwater Fishing Camera

Lure Action Camera

Capture the Thrill

fishing camera

The Fishing CamX has a 1080HD and 136° wide-angle camera that can clearly observe the underwater vision, so that all details are clearly presented. It can also improve the viewing effect of real-time video playback. The Fishing camera lens design has two LED green lights, the green fill light not only displays underwater images at night clearly but also attracts fish to meet the needs of people fishing at night.

underwater camera

The Fishing CamX has ROV level waterproof performance for diving 200 meters and a battery life of up to 138 minutes.Fishing CamX Fish Finder can dive down to 200 meters in fresh water and saline water, crossing different depths, and exploring the diversity of fish schools.

waterproof camera

The Fishing CamX has automatic recording upon startup, with motion sensing control for WiFi and recording on/off. Simple and intelligent fishing makes you love it even more. Within a 50 meter WiFi range, you can observe underwater images in real time(Does not support underwater live viewing.Wi-Fi will be disconnected when the device is fully submerged in water.)The application supports one click sharing to Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, etc.

chasing fishing cam
The Fishing CamX Underwater Fishing Camera combines fluid dynamics and fish fin design to better ensure stable shooting results for different fishing methods. At the same time, its design shape is also a great lure for Luya fishing.

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Fishing CamX

It's more than just a camera, it transforms lure fishing into an extraordinary adventure, capturing the anticipation, action and elation underwater. Every catch becomes a memorable, shareable moment, elevating your fishing to new excitement levels.   

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Immerse In Expansive Vision

Delve into the depths with Fishing Cam X's 136 ° lens, capturing every chase, struggle, and triumph in vivid detail. More than fishing, it's a wide-lens adventure into the unknown, making every catch a spectacle. Proclaim your mastery of lure fishing to all.

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Illuminate Every Depths

Fishing CamX's light correction with the most penetrating green supplementary light adapts to all conditions, ensuring each fishing tale is authentically captured. Navigate from shadowy depths to shimmering surfaces and share the "WOW" with friends!
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Dive Deeper, Discover More

Boasting ROV-level waterproofing and and a long 138-minute battery life, Fishing CamX dives up to 656ft (200m) in both salt water and fresh water, uncovering diverse fish at every depth. You can be an expert angler as well as a professional marine storyteller.
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 Capture Smartly Segment Intelligently

Enjoy Fishing CamX's smart recording with 16GB storage, auto sharing footage every 3 minutes or as preferred. It ensures every chapter of your fishing journey us vividly captured. Accurately and easily flaunt your angling skills with ease!
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Steady Focus Dynamic Capture

Fishing CamX's image stabilization utilize fluid dynamics and a fin-like design, offering steady footage across diverse fishing techniques. Whether you're engaging in the swift action of trolling, or the patient waiting in float fishing, our technology ensures stable, clear captures. Seize the chance to impress and boast, making each catch a statement of your unmatched fishing flair. 
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Effortless Control Seamless Experience 

Fishing CamX transforms your fishing with easy gesture control and wireless transfer. Auto-record with a turn-on, and use gestures to manage WIFI and recording. Capture and share your catches within 50m* instantly, winning instant admiration from friends.
*This feature is only applicable to fishing methods with the camera receiver above the water surface, such as float fishing.
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Maximum working depth 200m (656ft) 
Aperture F/2.0
Effective Focal Length (EFL) 0.2m
ISO range 100-6400
Field of view  136°
Max. image resolution 1920*1080, FHD
Maximum video bit rate 4Mbps
Video format MP4
TF Card 16GB


Appearance Design 

Size D31mm*L110mm 
Weight 85.3g


 Charger and Battery

Charging time 3.5h (Room temperature 25°C, lab environment test) 
Endurance  2.3h (WiFi off, Room temperature 25°C, lab environment test)


Other Parameters

Camera waterproof rating IPX8 
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz (Not available after entering water)




1 x Chasing Fishing CamX underwater fishing camera host

1 x Wireless charging station

1 x Charging cable (type-C)

1 x Buoyancy ring

1 x Data bag

1 x User manual 

Chasing canfish


Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be used in dark environments?

*Canfish CamX designed with two LED green lights, which can capture images in dark water and is suitable for night fishing. Can improve video quality under low light conditions. Green light plays a role in attracting fish.

Does it support real-time transmission?

*The device supports real-time transmission of air up to 50 meters, which cannot be achieved underwater. But it can be paired with the buoyancy ring inside the packaging to allow the device to float on the water surface for real-time transmission.

Can I watch the recorded video without the Internet?

*Of course, this product comes with a WiFi signal. After downloading the CanFish app and connecting to the CanFish name WiFi network, you can open the application to view or download recorded videos.

What is the WiFi transmission rate?

*The maximum transmission rate is 8MB/S

Why do we need to turn off the recording first and then turn off the machine?

*To ensure maximum waterproof performance, we design the TF card as built-in. Turning off the recording before shutting down can not only confirm that your recording files are properly saved, but also protect the long-term healthy use of the TF card.