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About Urban Drones

About Urban Drones

Urban Drones is the official distributor and service center for the Splash Drone. The only waterproof drone that can fly in the rain, snow land and float on water. We started our journey in 2011 serving the drone enthusiast community around the world.

Urban Drones only offers the best quality products for the drone racing community, drone photography enthusiasts and video creators. If you find a product on our website, it's because its the best in its class.

We are located in South Florida and ship form an air conditioned 2500sq facility to customers around the world. We're all experienced drone pilots so when you call our support line at 954-213-4977, you'll be speaking with someone that has a deep understanding in drone technology.


We offer fast worldwide shipping from South Florida, United States.

What we do

Whether is for fun or for your business, Urban Drones is here to help. We don’t want you to think about the drone, we want you to think about what you can do with it. We believe that tools should be easy to use because when things are hard, creativity and happiness gets sacrificed. Think about this: Anyone can paint. A paintbrush doesn’t need instructions; anyone can intuitively use it just by looking at it. So we’ve adopted this concept to allow you to use a drone to do whatever it is you want to do.

Our customers are not only surfers, outdoors adventurers and fishermen, moms and dads; they’re also land surveyors, firefighters, realtors and most likely someone you know.

 If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve heard about drones and are probably wondering how you can use one. We’re here to help you figure out how to enjoy your life a little more with a drone. Whether is for work or pleasure.

Where we are

We’re located in South Florida and have customers all over the world.

12237 NW 35 St

Coral Springs, FL 33065

Get in touch


You can reach out to us directly from our Contact page.

See you on the field.

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