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Firmware Update for Swellpro Splash Drone 4 and FD1 Fishing Drones

Here you can find all the updates and upgrades for the Splash Drone 4, Spry Plus and FD1 Fishing waterproof drones by Swellpro.

From time to time, Underwater Drones have firmware and software updates, you can also find those here from Chasing and QYSea underwater Drones


Click Here to get the Firmware and Files for the Splash Drone 4

Splash Drone 4 Firmware Update

Click here to get the Firmware and Files for the FD1 Fishing Drone. This includes everything you need.

Firmware update for FD1 Swellpro Drone


Click here to get all the Firmware and Files to update the Spry Plus Waterproof Drone

spry waterproof drone files for update


Click here to get the files and firmware update for the Splash Drone 3 Plus fishing Drone

splash drone 3 software upgrade files


To access Old Downloads, click here