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Drones for Kids

Drones for Kids

An Intro to Buying Your Child a Drone

As drones become increasingly more popular, the interest of children simultaneously grows.

It's no secret that as the quality of a drone goes up, so too does the price. If you're looking to buy a drone for a youngster, it can be a daunting and overwhelming task. With prices ranging from less than $100 to over $1k, it's important to be informed.

This is not a list of specific models and brands, nor will any personal preferences be heaped upon you. The goal of this article is to help you decide what qualities are important. It is not a comprehensive guide to take you every step of the way, but rather several things to think about before you begin the process.

Finding the Right Drone

There are three factors that we will take into consideration in order to help you 

Factor #1: Location

Depending on where in the country (or World) you call home, certain drones may be better suited to your surroundings. If you live in a rural area or a suburban neighborhood with ample land, most drones on the market are appropriate.

However, if you live in close quarters or an apartment building, consider buying a smaller and less obtrusive drone. Heavily crowded areas increase the chances of your child coming across a neighbor or passerby who is a stickler, such as this drone-shooting neighbor.

Make sure you establish clear rules and boundaries with your child. It's reccommended you agree upon flight times, where flying the drone is permitted.

Furthermore, if you live near the beach or any bodies of water, you would want to consider a water drone. While water drones can be used anywhere, those living near water are highly encouraged to make sure they purchase aircraft fit for the water.

When spending hundreds of dollars on a drone and putting it in the hands of a child, it's imperative to protect your investment. What hazards exist near the location your child will fly his or her drone? These are the types of things you should be thinking about.

Factor #2: Age

How old is your child?

While a good number of beginner drones have toy-like features, many drone models are considered anything but a toy. The age you feel is appropriate for your child is entirely up to you. However, it is advisable that younger children only fly their drone under adult supervision. 

Before taking it out of the box you should both be educated on flying the drone, local laws, etc. You can do so with a handy internet guide, such as this ebook.

For younger children it's best to get something that is a beginner drone, but is not so cheap that one crash will shatter it to pieces.

There are plenty of $50-$60 drones on the market. Yet more often than not, that money is wasted in no time at all. Remember: low price, low quality

Factor #3: Personality

Is your child responsible with their other belongings?

Drones are not just another remote controlled piece of plastic - they're aircraft. They require maintenance.

Afterall, they fly through all types of weather, terrain and conditions.

Make sure your child understands that if the drone crashes, or if it is flown with reckless abandon, that it may break. Breaking means it would require new parts or being replaced, which means - you got it! More money.

In other words, your child needs to be extra attentive and responsible when flying their drone. 

If your child is too young to be flying a drone outside by themselves, you still have options. There are UAVs that are not too expensive and are made for indoor use.


Hopefully you have an idea what is important to you when buying your child a drone. At the end of the day, children and going to be children, as they should be. Having a drone can be an integral part of that fun, so long as you make sure they know how to use their aircraft safely.

If you still feel uncertain on how to proceed, there are plenty of other guides, tips and how-to's on the internet, such as this one here.

Remember to enjoy your drone safely. Happy shopping!

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