Mountain Dew Backs Drone Racing

Mountain Dew Backs Drone Racing

May 11, 2016 0 Comments

Drone Racing Backed by The Dew

Mountain Dew has a history of getting behind sports that would be considered outside the mainstream. While skateboarding and x-games sports were non-traditional, the Dew has closed it's most non-traditional deal yet, sponsoring a new drone racing series. 

The organization is called DR1 Racing. The organization plans to hold a race in Los Angeles sometime this summer. The race will air on the Discovery Channel in August. You can view the announcement by clicking here.

You can bet that they will also take advantage of live-streaming technology to cast the drone racing to anyone in the world who wants to watch. 

Mountain Dew is likely to take advantage of its new drone racing partnership by featuring the high-flying drone racing in its national, if not global campaigns.


What is Drone Racing?

Drone racing is different from what you may do at your leisure with your own drone. In drone racing, entrants control their drones around a racecourse. Like is the case with many drones, cameras are mounted to them, making for some amazing footage. The cameras also allow the contestants to view video in real time.

Drone racing is certainly new, but this organization isn't the first or only one in existence. Another league looking to compete is the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA).

In April IDRA released news that they had signed a multi-year, international deal with popular sports media distributor ESPN.


Drone Racing Moving Forward

The news about DR1 and Mountain Dew is creating waves and will continue the evolution of drones in mainstream society. The backing of a large partner is likely to only be the first of many to come, although not the first drone racing organization to receive backing.

Another league, the Drone Racing League, has received backing of investors, including ownership of the NFL franchise Miami Dolphins.

Drone racing is up-and-coming and this deal only speeds that process along. 

How do you feel about Drone Racing? Is it something you'd have interest in watching, or even competing?


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