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PlexiDrone Raises Over One Million Dollars On Indiegogo


DJI's runaway success in the consumer grade drone market has caused many start-ups to enter the fray. A myriad of companies both old and new are developing consumer grade drones priced around the one thousand dollar mark.

But none is more promising then the PlexiDrone.

It has a host of features that are offered by other drones and some that are unique, but what really makes the PlexiDrone special is it seamless integration of all its features.

Firstly, it is easily transportable. It's custom designed case is a sleek futuristic looking backpack. Its arms are detachable for easy transport and deployment.

Camera compatibility: It can supports various camera setups including GoPro and mDSLR. The snapfit design of the camera tray allows for cameras to be easily swapped out with out the need for soldering. The retractable landing gear ensures an obstructed 360 degree view.

Follow Me / Obstacle Avoidance: The PlexiDrone will follow a subject autonomously and avoid obstacles while doing it.

Mobile Control: Unlike other drones the PlexiDrone does not come with a transmitter, it is operated entirely from your mobile device or tablet.

Swarm Control: One operator can control multiple drones at the same time, streamlining the filming process and maximizing efficiency for live capture. 

And the PlexiDrone speaks. That's right it talks to you. An operator will no longer have to interpret flashing lights or beeps. The PlexiDrone will tell you when it's ready.

We're looking forward to seeing how the public reacts to this technology. Check out a video of the PlexiDrone below.


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