Drones: The new must-have for political campaigns?

By Ryan Perez 0 comments

What will drive traffic to campaign websites this cycle, according to digital consultants, is video. But they aren’t talking about B-roll of the candidate and his family strolling through a bucolic field.

It has to be compelling footage. It has to be personal. It has to be shot by a drone. Okay, maybe that last point is a bridge too far.

But campaigns take note: brands ranging from Wal-Mart to BMW to General Mills and Nike have recently aired ads that include video shot by drones. Moreover, the use of commercial drones is expected to increase given the proposed loosening of the rules governing them by the FAA.

Media consultants have started incorporating the so-called quadcopters into TV spots. GOP consultant Fred Davis recalled to Politico recently how Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) had to dodge a drone that was capturing footage during a 2013 ad shoot. (Drones will be a topic at C&E's upcoming CampaignTech East conference in April.)

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