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Splash Drone Shipping Dates Announced

Splash Drone Starts shipping in September.

Yesterday we received final confirmation that 50 units of the Splash Drone Pro version will be ready to ship. This was the ($799 Reward) on Kickstarter. We're shipping this batch by air so it will take about a week to get here. These are for the first 50 backers. All the other units (autonomous and pro) will be shipped to us in mid July. It takes about 31 days to get here by boat so we will start shipping in late August. Here's why we're a bit late.

Pro Version: Because we spring loaded the throttle to make it much easier to fly, the project is a little behind schedule. It took extra time to improve the code and test it in real life scenarios. We had to take this extra time to make sure that it would hold its altitude without your input. This took a lot longer than expected, but it's now working flawlessly.

Autonomous Version: We had to change the flight controller from the Pixhawk to the P2Pro from YijiUAV. The Pixhawk did not allow enough space for all the components to fit inside now that we are using a larger battery. We also encountered issues with interference and maintaining a GPS lock. The bad news is that all these improvements caused another delay.

Despite the change in the flight controller none of the features are going away. You will still have follow me mode, cell phone or tablet control, way-point navigation, fly on a path, auto take off, return to home and low battery auto-land. I flew this flight controller and it’s awesome.

We will be collecting your shipping information before the end of the week.

Delivery Date: Mid June first 50 backers of the Pro version get shipped.

Late August - early September all orders start shipping.

An now, watch the Splash Drone being born.

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