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Asking these Three questions guarantees to save you money when buying a Waterproof Fishing Drone, most people make a mistake on number two.

Asking these Three questions guarantees to save you money when buying a Waterproof Fishing Drone, most people make a mistake on number two.

Fishing drones are becoming more and more popular, especially when fishing from shore because they allow you to cast bait further than ever possible.

But you must be careful because not every fishing drone is the same, and where you purchase the drone makes a huge difference in your drone fishing journey.

Question Number One: How much bait you can carry?

How much bait you can carry? Obviously the bigger the payload capacity, the better, not only because you can carry big baits, but because the bigger the weight capacity, the longer flight times you get. If you can afford it, getting a Fisherman Max it is your best option because it can carry about 7-pound baits for 10 minutes. This means that when you carry less bait, you get more flight time.

Another good one is the SplashDrone 4. It can carry 4 pounds, which is plenty of bait for all types of fishing. The main benefit is that it has an interchangeable camera so you can also use it to get gorgeous underwater video while floating on the surface of the ocean or lake. Remember that the quality of the video depends on the clarity of the water.

Question Number Two: Where you buy your drones?

Where you buy your drones makes a huge difference. If you buy your drone directly from a manufacturer in China, you will not get the same technical support, if any.

Warranty will be a nightmare because if you have to ship something to China it will cost you time and money and most of the time manufacturers don’t cover shipping costs when there are warranty issues. Worse yet, several manufacturers might have you ship your beloved drone to a local repair center and that comes with many complications. We’ve been in the waterproof drone business for the longest in the U.S. and probably the world and not a week goes by where we don’t hear of a horror story where people get broken drones and it takes days just to get a reply from a manufacturer that is on the opposite time zone.

When you get your drone from a local shop or Urban Drones, you get to speak with someone on the phone who can help you choose the best solution and help you if any issues arise.

Question Number Three:  Is the drone waterproof?

Is the drone waterproof? There are only a handful of waterproof drone brands out there; Swellpro, Shark X, and Cuta Copter. There are two others not worth mentioning because, after our extensive testing, they did not meet our quality requirements, so we will skip Thor 850 and IdeaFly until they fix their quality issues.

Swellpro: has been around since 2015 and is one of the pioneers of waterproof drones specifically used for fishing. They have four different versions for different budgets and all do about the same thing: Waterproof, float, and have a bait release.

SharkX: by Rippton is a waterproof drone that will turn heads because of its cool design. It looks like the Cyber Truck. Though the current version doesn’t have a camera, the Shark X is an affordable entry-level waterproof drone that does one job well: drop bait of at least 5 pounds.

  Cuta Copter: The Cuta is a little pricey but for a reason. Its body is full of carbon fiber and because it’s lightweight, it can carry almost 9-pound baits. It also floats on water and has video transmission for up to 2 miles.


When buying a waterproof fishing drone, focus on three key aspects. Consider payload capacity for longer flight time, choose a reliable seller for better support and warranty coverage, and lastly, ensure the drone is genuinely waterproof by opting for trusted brands like Swellpro, SharkX, or Cuta Copter. By prioritizing these factors, you can make a confident and informed purchase decision, enhancing your fishing experience, staying in the fishing game longer, and avoiding technical issues in the long run. All of these brands mentioned can be found in Urban Drones.


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