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Boat Chase Filmed with Splash Drone

Boat Chase Filmed with Splash Drone

Are you a fan of Baywatch or Miami Vice TV series, back in the day? Do you love to see when Sonny Crockett on a Speed Boat race against a gangster or see Mitch runs towards the drowning victim? I have been a fan of these shows especially when they showed the action over the waters. You can make your own mini-show just like this boat race with your Splash Drone 3. Here's a boat chase at 50MPH video footage from a Splash Drone just like what you can see in your favorite TV series.  Splash Drone 3 can take beautiful footages with its 4K camera. It's 100% waterproof perfect for any videos to take over boat chase. Splash Drone 3 is available in the US and Canada through Place your order now by calling 954-213-4977.
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