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First Flight of the Splash Drone Tutorial

First Flight of the Splash Drone Tutorial

August 08, 2018

Is it your first time having your own Splash Drone 3? Don't fail to read the manual and view this first flight of the Splash Drone 3 Tutorial. If you are more of a reader, you can read on the instruction after the video. Please comply to the local laws and regulations before flying Mak sure you have read the Splash Drone 3 safety operation guide In the open and unconfined area without shelter and in an outdoor environment, open the case take the drone out, install the landing gear First, power the remote controller on the power the drone on You can now proceed to the drone calibration as shown in the calibration tutorial on completion of the calibration, install the gimbal and finally the 4 propellers please restart the Splash Drone, Check to ensure the battery is fully charged, you are now ready to fly. Pull both the left and right joysticks simultaneously down towards the center of the controller at a 45-degree angle. Maintain this position for 3 seconds. The motors will unlock and start spinning, to take off, slowly push the left joystick up. The drone will raise slowly, until the drone reaches the appropriate height, release the left joystick the drone will maintain a hover at this height. The left joystick controls the ascent, descent clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation of the drone. While the right joystick controls the forward, backward. left and right flight. TO land, slowly pull down the throttle ever while flying the drone. Allowing the drone to descend and land on the flat surface or on the water After landing safely, keep the throttle down in its lowest position for at least 5 seconds until the motors stop spinning. You can now power the drone down then turn the remote control off. That concludes the first flight tutorial for the Splash Drone 3

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