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How a Waterproof Drone Works

How a Waterproof Drone Works

Drones are becoming increasingly popular and accessible for hobbyists and professionals alike. However, many drones feel delicate because they can’t handle the outdoor elements without sustaining damage. Waterproof drones may be useful for you, as they can withstand wetness, and you will not see a drastic drop in performance when you use them in rain or around bodies of water. We’ll discuss how a waterproof drone works by looking at the two main types you can see on the market today.

Flying Waterproof Drones

The first type of waterproof drone is those that fly in the air. These drones have outer casings that guard their inner components against water. They may have a special coating on their circuit boards to provide a second layer of protection should water seep through. Usually, the casing is made of a plastic such as ABS. This provides durability and resistance to corrosion from the solutes in oceans or lakes.

Manufacturers also design these drones so that their rotors do not get weighed down when it rains or snows. Many people want to fly their drones directly over water, and these drones can float and turn themselves over in the water if they land upside down. Sometimes the controllers for these drones are made of the same waterproof materials, just in case you get splashed or accidentally drop them in the water.

Underwater Drones

Underwater drones are submersible and can freely propel themselves underwater. Their outer coverings are composed of similar plastics to make them just as watertight as flying drones, if not more so. These models also use rotors to move, though they are often more compact and have outer coverings to protect them from bumps.

The rotors swivel to allow for easy maneuvering in various directions. This feature makes it possible for the drones to tilt up or down for a wide range of camera views. Certain drones may utilize the upward tilt of their rotors to move across the surface of the water. Underwater drones also have tethers that connect them to the person controlling them, so that they can reel them back in if needed.

Since you now know more about how a waterproof drone works, you may want to start looking into obtaining one of your own. If so, visit Urban Drones online today. We stock both flying and underwater waterproof FPV drones.

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