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Manatees Taken By the Splash Drone

Manatees Taken By the Splash Drone

May 01, 2018

Manatees are commonly called as sea cows because just like cows on land, they are also slow plant-eaters, and peaceful.They use their flippers to walk. There are many threats that cause the deaths of manatees like adverse temperature, disease or sometimes, their youngs are being killed by the crocodiles. Here's a video of the manatees living peacefully. It was taken by the Splash Drone. Splash Drone is 100% waterproof while it can take still take beautiful pictures and videos. Splash Drone 3 is 100% waterproof. Splash drone 3 available in the USA at It shipped from the US, so place your order now by calling 954-213-4977.

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