Prepare For The Summer with Your Splash Drone 3

By Norma Liza 0 comments

It's been hot in some parts of the world. Guess it's perfect to get some sun and bathe. For those of you who love to do just anything under the sun, it's high time that you prepare your swim wears or your surfboards. Here is a beautiful video of people swimming, sunbathing and surfing at Dee Why- a coastal suburb of northern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Thanks to the 4k camera of the Splash Drone 3 because it gives quality video footage like this one. Prepare for the summer with your Splash Drone 3. 


If you still don't have one, place your order now at Urban Drones by calling  954-213-4977. Urban Drones shipped from the US and is the official distributor of Splash Drone 3.

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