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Seabreacher and Splash Drone 3

Seabreacher and Splash Drone 3

Recreational boating has revolutionized over the past years. It has not stopped innovating just like this dramatic breakthrough called the Seabreacher. It comes in various models that look like sharks, dolphins or killer whales. It's like a figther jet and a jetski in one. This action pack adventure can only be best captured by the Splash Drone 3. Splash Drone 3 is a 100% waterproof drone that can capture the speed, the rollover, the dive into or the cut through the waves of the seabreacher. Take a look at this action-filled adventure with the Seabreacher captured by the Splash Drone 3- the only way to capture the Seabreacher. Splash drone 3 available in the USA at It shipped from the US, so place your order now by calling 954-213-4977
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