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Splash Drone 3 Stands Above the Rest

Splash Drone 3 Stands Above the Rest

Splash drone 3 stands above its competitor being waterproof. It would let you take off, lands and float on water. Yes, with Splash Drone 3, everything becomes almost possible and let you have fun with many kinds of water sports such surfing, jetskiing, wakeboarding, fishing, shark catching and releasing and many more. Indeed with Splash Drone 3, nothing is too much. With the use of the payload release mechanism, you can turn your Splash Drone 3 into your own fishing drone or turn it into a search and rescue drone and even for research purposes.

Indeed, nothing is impossible for the Splash Drone 3.  

  Urban Drones ships from the US. So better place your orders now by calling us at 954-213-4977. 

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Castino Enrique A - March 13, 2018

Muy bueno, supera mis espectativas, se lo podría usar para infinitas aplicaciones.

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