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Splash Drone 3- An Easy-To-Fly- Drone

Splash Drone 3- An Easy-To-Fly- Drone

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned drone pilot, flying the Splash Drone 3 AUTO is easy and safe. So you don't have to worry if you are just new to flying a drone as Splash Drone 3 Auto is so easy to fly. Though Splash Drone 3 is specially made for water-related activities as it is waterproof, it doesn't mean you could not enjoy  it just like your regular drones as it the new 4K camera gimbal has a built-in audio and video recorder, high torque brushless motors for smooth video in the air. 

Here's a video from a novice drone pilot showing farmland and cleared fields. 


Splash drone 3 available in the USA at It shipped from the US, so place your order now by calling 954-213-4977.

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