Splash Drone 3 at Oléron

By Norma Liza 0 comments

Generally, tourism helps the economy of a certain country as it helps to put in more money and jobs for the local people. That is why a lot of countries invest much inviting potential tourists to come to their place.  The best way to promote a certain destination is thru pictures and videos of the place. In a place like Oléron, where you can find the richness of the marine resources, the best way to showcase it is by using the Splash Drone 3. Swellpro Splash Drone 3 is waterproof and still can take beautiful videos with it built in 4K camera. 

Here's a video taken by the Splash Drone 3 showcasing its beautiful aerial view of Oléron and the tuna in the waters that will invite you to come to the place.  

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