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Splash Drone 3 Got Hit By Big Spray

Splash Drone 3 Got Hit By Big Spray

March 02, 2018 1 Comment

Okay, so you can carry your drone and capture someone on a speedboat? But is that enough to get a good impression? You may get the aerial view but you can't get a splash like this:

But your Splash Drone 3 can do that because of its 4K camera and 2 axis gimbal IP67 is Waterproof Certified so it can get hit by big spray with no problem. Splash Drone 3 can be shipped to the US for free. Just call now to order your Splash Drone at 954-213-4977.

1 Response

Quinn C Wright
Quinn C Wright

March 03, 2018

That was awsome, a direct splash blast and kepta stable shot.
The ultimate splash’n best under direct splashing attacks nothing can beat the Splash-Drone over the water.

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