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Splash Drone 3 -One of the Top Pick

Splash Drone 3 -One of the Top Pick

Kickstarter is the place to go if you've got some brilliant idea yet you need to crowdfund to bring that idea into a reality. I have seen a lot of brilliant and mind-blowing inventions being funded and were successful. Splash Drone 3 is one of these. Last May 23, 2017, the Splash Drone 3 project was launched and on June 1, it has been funded and before the project ended 135 backers pledged $195,273 to help bring this project to life.

Here are 5 of the top pick by Future Tech. They are mind blowing inventions and that includes the Splash Drone 3.

Urban Drones is located in the U.S.A and is the service center for the Splash Drone Service, support and sales.

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