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Splash Drone 3 Plus

Splash Drone 3 Plus

Another accomplishment we had for 2018 is the release of the all new Splash Drone 3 plus. The same benefits like the Splash Drone 3- 100% waterproof drone that made it an all-weather-drone but with a more enhance featues. Like the striking new color scheme, extended flight times, new LiHV battery with 3 levels of battery warning, new Smooth+ remote controls, Power-Flip function when floating, Lost Drone Location Beacon option, Circuit board moisture protection coating, Tuned flight control feel, New and improved 3-axis gimbal 4K camera, New heat management system, Easier hatch fastenings, Enhanced waterproofing throughout plus New carry case for drone & accessories. Like any other technologies, it keeps on improving to give you the most satisfying experience you could possibly have. 


Splash Drone 3 plus available in the USA at It shipped from the US, so place your order now by calling 954-213-4977

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