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Splash Drone 3's Return To Home (RTH) Button

Splash Drone 3's Return To Home (RTH) Button

Having a Return To Home (RTH) button for a drone does have a lot of advantages. Hitting the RTH button will trigger your Splash Drone 3 to fly back to the take-off position and eventually land. What makes it advantageous? Simply when you lose control and you can no longer see where your Splash Drone 3 is, you can still stay calm and forget controlling it by hitting the RTH button, and your drone will safely return to where it took-off without hurting others. 

Meanwhile. you need to take note that when you are on a moving boat, the Splash Drone 3 can't be able to return to a moving boat, for the reason that it can only return to its take-off point or starting location but instead you can use the Follow Me Mode where it can follow you at up to 35 mph while you still have camera control..

Here's a footage to show us how the RTH Button works:

 Splash Drone 3 ships from the US thru Urban Drones. They provide online support 24/7 and you may also call them at  954-213-4977


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