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Spry Drone in Full Flight

Spry Drone in Full Flight

April 06, 2019 0 Comments

It is fast- to catch you up when your boat moves too fast. It is waterproof- so rain, the ocean, the sear or the river wont bother you. It is small- so its very handy wherever you may go. It is Spry- 100% waterproof sports drone with its 100% waterproof remote controller. Manufactured by Swellpro- the most experienced drone company in making waterproof drones. Teaming up with Urban Drones-  a technology company located in South Florida for sales and support in  Canada, North America, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean.

You can find more info at UrbanDrones.com or email support@urbandrones.com or call 954-213-4977 for support and questions.