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Spry Drone Review and Set Up

Spry Drone Review and Set Up

Every part of the Spry is very essential and useful. That triangular thing means that Spry  Drone is a GPS race drone so if you panic out, just flip the switch and it will return to you. You may notice that there's a ring at the battery cover, no this is not used to pull the cover off but it is used so you could hang your cover when you open the battery. This is so because you don't want to put on sand on your cover. As you notice, there is silicon seal around the cover and some silicon grease inside the opening of the drone battery that is why you need that ring to keep it away from dirt or sand else you're going to mess up that seal which is very important to maintain it's waterproofness. If you are new to Spry or want to know more about Spry before buying, check this in-depth parts review and setting up before flying. It's important to learn more about the product before you can enjoy it fully.

Spry available in the USA at It shipped from the US, so place your order now by calling 954-213-4977
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