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Spry FAQ's

Spry FAQ's

Have you received your Spry already? You may have a lot of questions regarding your Spry Drone - being new to the market. Here's a couple or more of FAQ's and answers that we can get from the Spry's kickstarter page:

*Is the Spry fully waterproof?

Yes, the Spry and its remote control are fully waterproof.

* What happens if the Spry lands upside down on the water?

If the Spry lands upside down, you can flip the flight mode switch to put it on manual mode and the Spry will go underwater, flip and float back with the motors facing up.

* Does the Spry have a payload release mechanism like the Splash Drone?

The Spry has an expansion port at the bottom for future accessories. One of the accessories planned for the future is a small bait release that can lift about 12 ounces (340 grams)

* Does the Spry have camera stabilization?

Yes, the Spry camera has internal electronic image stabilization (EIS). These settings can be accessed from the Spry App.

*Will the parts be available for Spry?

Yes. Every single part will be available, including the smart battery and propellers

*Is the Spry carrying case waterproof?

The Spry carrying case Splash Resistant.

*What if I want some extra battery with my Spry?

That's very simple. Each extra battery is $69. This pricing is available for Kickstarter backers only for a limited time.

*How long does the Spry fly?

The Spry flies for about 17 minutes

*How many batteries can I fit in the Spry carrying case?

8 Batteries

* Can I use other goggles with the Spry?

Yes, most FPV goggles will work with the Spry

*Does the Spry have an altitude hold?

Yes, when you're flying on GPS mode, the Spry will hold its altitude and position.

*What type of memory card does the Spry use?

Class 10 or UHS fast speed. Maximum card size is 64GB.

Spry available in the USA at It shipped from the US, so place your order now by calling 954-213-4977
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