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Spry will start shipping to Kickstarter backers today

Spry will start shipping to Kickstarter backers today

November 30, 2018 0 Comments

Christmas looks very merry especially to those of you who became a part of the whole journey of the Spry's Kickstarter project by becoming backers of this Kickstarter project of the first waterproof drone to fly, briefly submerge and float like a boat with its waterproof remote controller as starting today, November 30, Spry will start shipping to Kickstarter backers. 

A few reminders from the team though for a smoother shipping process 

1) We will send you a message with your tracking number once your Spry has been shipped. Please keep messaging asking about tracking to a minimum this way we can concentrate on shipping. :)

2) If you have an address change, send us a private message with that change as soon as possible.

(quoted from the Spry Kickstarter page updates