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Surf Casting with Splash Drone 3

Surf Casting with Splash Drone 3

What is surf casting? Surf casting according to the Meriam-Webster dictionary is a  method of fishing in which artificial or natural bait is cast into the open ocean or in a bay where waves break on a beach.  It's usually done using the heavy-duty tackle. It takes a lot of practice, considering the wind, the waves, and other natural factors. But with Splash Drone 3, Fisherman edition, it can easily drop bait further than you could ever imagine, especially to where the fishes are. No doubt, Splash Drone 3 fisherman edition is a surfacasting drone! It's a 100% waterproof so it's worry-free to use it for fishing. Fishing has never been this exciting especially since the payload release mechanism for the fisherman edition comes with a fixed high-resolution camera which means you can view where you dropped your bait.

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