Swellpro Splash Drone 3 for Shark Catch and Release Season

By Norma Liza 0 comments

Recreational shark catching and releasing, though with it's recreational nature, has been a great help to conserve the existence of sharks. Most anglers who joins the catch and release of sharks helped in tagging and sending information about the shark to the scientists as the study for sharks is said to be underfunded. 

And so with the recreational shark fishing catch and release season, anyone with the Splash Drone 3 are so excited to use it and see what this land based drone fishing can bring to them. Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Fisherman edition has payload release which can carry up to 2.5 pounds bait and a fixed camera that allows you to see where you dropped the bait.

But before that, here's the best practices of a healthy shark catch and release.


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