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🇺🇸 FREE 1 to 4 DAY SHIPPING IN THE USA 🇺🇸 Questions? Call 954-213-4977
The Top Racing Drones

The Top Racing Drones

An emerging activity that more and more people are engaging in is drone racing. It can be pure fun to maneuver a remote-controlled drone around obstacles and past the competition, whether you do it for fun or in a more competitive setting. You can also become invested in the professional world of drone racing as you go deeper into the hobby. Get started by looking through this short list of some of the top racing drones that you can get today.

Hyperbola Racing Drone

The Hyperbola 5 Inch Racing Drone is a good beginner model to consider. Unlike some other drones on the market, Brother Hobby has designed this drone expressly for racing purposes. So, you don’t need to do any extensive modifications to it in order to make it fit for racing. To give it good durability, the drone has a carbon fiber frame as well. The Hyperbola also possesses a lightweight motor and video transmitter to keep it agile in the air. Altogether, without its battery, the drone weighs 146.4 grams.

SwellPro Spry Plus

For those who plan on using their drones in wet environments, having a racing drone that is fast and can also function with water exposure is important. The SwellPro Spry Plus provides these features with its compact and completely waterproof design. All its materials won’t corrode (even in ocean settings), and it has the ability to take off from land or from water. Furthermore, the remote control that it comes with is as fully waterproof as the drone itself. If that wasn’t enough, it also has onboard camera stabilization and an automatic home-return mode.

Emax Tinyhawk II

If you’re interested in flying your drone with a first-person perspective of its camera view as professionals do, a top racing drone you should go for is the Emax Tinyhawk II. Many drones have video displays on their controllers, but this drone comes in a kit along with a remote control and FPV goggles. With the goggles on, you’ll be able to truly immerse yourself in the experience of directing your drone through the air. True to its name, the Tinyhawk II is also quite small, measuring in at a minuscule weight of only 43.5 grams.

To find a drone store online that stocks all three of these drones, visit us here at Urban Drones. We’re your one-stop-shop for all your drone-related needs.

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