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The Top Underwater Drones

The Top Underwater Drones

Beneath the surface of oceans and seas lies a vast world filled with unique sights and organisms. Due to the intriguing nature of these large bodies of water, many people would like to visually explore them for themselves. However, without diving gear or professional camera equipment, this may seem impossible. This is where underwater drones come in. These remote-controlled machines can move on the water and submerge themselves in it to show you what it looks like in those murky depths. At the same time, you can use the drones to record footage and capture photographs. For anyone who spends a great deal of time on boats, this can definitely enhance your experience. Check out the top underwater drones in this post to find one that is right for you.

PowerVision PowerDolphin

The PowerDolphin is a drone that stays on the water’s surface at all times and navigates with rear-mounted propellers. Don’t let this fact fool you, though—the PowerDolphin is actually capable of directing its camera right on top of the water and under the water as well. The camera itself can take 12MP pictures and 4K video, meaning you’ll get high-quality on both fronts there. Directing the drone is easy, and you simply mount your phone on the controller as the screen to see through the drone’s eyes utilizing the Vision+ 2 app.

Chasing Gladius Mini

With the Gladius Mini, you can peer further into the ocean. The maximum reach it can attain is 328 feet under the surface. You control it with a wireless remote that has a phone mount—however, this drone does need a tether which determines how far it can go relative to your position (some tethers are shorter than 328 feet). Its camera takes 12MP photos and captures 4K video, and the drone is capable of horizontal and straight vertical movements. It can also tilt up or down at 45-degree angles. This maneuverability allows you to see aquatic environments from a wide array of vantage points. Another advantage that the Gladius Mini has is a one-touch depth lock mode where it will maintain its position, so you have an easier time taking photos and videos.

Geneinno Titan T1

Equipped with two horizontal and four vertical thrusters, the Titan T1 can traverse the seascape smoothly. Its picture capabilities extend to 8MP and its videos have 4K clarity. As with the other top underwater drones we’ve talked about, you connect your phone to serve as the screen for its controller. With your phone setup, you can stream footage at 1080P from the drone. The Titan T1 is best for those who want to gaze into the water at impressive depths. By default, its tether allows it to travel 328 or 492 feet down, but you can also find compatible tethers that reach 656- and 984-foot maximums. Its camera and 3000LM light will still maintain visibility and color as you go lower and lower. On top of all this, you may attach a robotic arm to interact with the surroundings.

You can purchase each of these underwater drones—along with related supplies—online at Urban Drones. Look through our website today and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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