Casting your fishing rod has never been easier or more effective. When fishing over large open bodies of water, the Gannet drone bait release fits all DJI Drones and are the perfect option to help give you a great cast even from shore. Rather than taking multiple attempts to land your lure where needed, our bait dropping drones allow you to fly over and drop your bait where needed. Especially if you’re looking for larger fish that may be located further away from the beach, our drones with fishing attachments fit the popular DJI Mavic and Phantom, allowing you to drop the bait over the fish. Urban Drones has drone bait release systems that work with almost every drone in the market, including the Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, DJI Phantom and Inspire. With our drone fishing release systems, you can convert your aerial photography aircraft into a fishing drone.

For more information or help finding your ideal drone bait release attachments, get in touch with Urban Drones today.