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Chasing Grabber Robotic Arm 2 for Underwater Drones

Original price $700.00 - Original price $1,198.00
Original price $700.00
$799.00 - $1,018.00
Current price $799.00

Robotic Arm for Chasing M2 Underwater ROV V2.0

The Chasing Grabber Arm 2 Robotic Arm is compatible with:

Chasing M2

Chasing M2-S

Chasing M2 PRO

Chasing M2 PRO MAX

chasing underwater drone robotic arm 2

Arm is small and easy to install. The maximum drag force is 15 kg (15  pounds) and the force is adjustable. It is suitable for multiple uses such as sample collection or grabbing things from the sea floor.