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Splash Drone Frequently Asked Questions



    • What is the difference between the Autonomous and Pro version?

      The Autonomous version can be flown from an Android App, it has the Follow Me mode, it can be programmed to fly on a specific path without your control input. (you can still take control by flipping a switch on the remote control).

        • When does the Splash Drone ship?

          Every order ships within 24 hours if we have the product in stock. In the rare case the item is out of stock, we will notify you immediately.

          • Is the remote control waterproof?

          No, but we are working on a waterproof remote control and will be making an announcement before the end of the year.

          • How high can the Splash Drone fly?

          The maximum recommended altitude is 400 feet. You can change these parameters with the included Windows software.

          • How long does it take for a battery to charge?

          Charging a battery takes about 35 minutes with the included charger.

          • What's included with the Splash Drone?

          Everything you need is in the box. Both Splash Drone Pro and Autonomous come with the following: It comes with our proprietary Splash Flight Controller, an integrated video transmitter, 7" video receiving monitor 5.8ghz monitor. It also includes the travel case, battery, Smart battery charger, landing gear, four self tightening carbon fiber props, instruction manual, quick setup guide, waterproof camera gimbal, and gopro dive case

          • Can I swap the battery?

          Yes, you can change the battery

          • What is the flight time?

          The average flight time is 17 to 20 minutes.

          • What is the Splash Drone Warranty?

          The Splash Drone has a 90 day warranty on on its components. The warranty does not cover accidents or misuse, but we offer an accidental coverage for a small additional fee.

          • Can the Splash Drone be used in salt water?

          Yes, it is recommended that you rinse it with fresh water before storing.

          • Can I buy replacement parts for the Splash Drone?

          Yes, the Splash Drone is modular and all the parts are available for purchase right on this website.

          • How fast can the Splash Drone fly?

          28 miles per hour.

          • How long does it take to recharge the battery?

          35 to 45 minutes.

          • Can I use my own remote control (radio) with the Splash Drone?

          You can use your own remote control if you change the receiver inside of the Splash Drone. Keep in mind that by doing so, you will void your warranty.

          • Do you ship internationally?

          Yes we ship internationally. Shipping rates and delivery time vary country to country.

          • Does the price include VAT or other duties?

          No. You are responsible for any tariffs or duties required by your country for importing consumer goods.

          • What is the domestic shipping costs?


          • What is your refund policy?

          If you decide to cancel your order before the Splash Drone ships, we will provide a full refund to you. If you would like to get a refund after you receive your Splash Drone, just contact us at

          • What kind of camera is compatible with the Splash Drone waterproof gimbal?

          The Splash Drone is compatible with the GoPro 3 and GoPro 4 and the Zero.

          • Does the Splash Drone only come in one color?

          The Splash Drone comes in Orange and White.

          • How do I know when the Splash Drone is ready to fly?

          A blinking sequence of green lights will let you know when the Splash Drone has a Satellite lock and is ready to be used.

          • Can the Splash Drone automatically follow me?

          Yes,  the AUTO version has a follow me function.

          • How does the follow me function work?

          By plugging in the included Bluetooth device to your phone and running our app the Splash Drone will sync to your phone and automatically follow and film anybody carrying it.

          • Can I attach a different camera?

          Yes different cameras can be attached to the bottom of the air frame if the camera gimbal is removed.

          • How far can the Splash Drone fly?

          The Splash Drone can safely fly up to a half a mile from the operator.

          • What is the maximum wind speed the Splash Drone can fly in?

          25 mph.

          • Can the Splash Drone be flown from a phone?

          Yes, the AUTO version has mobile operation.

          • Does the autonomous version come with a remote?

          Yes both versions of the Splash Drone come with a remote control.

          • Can both the payload release mechanism and the gimbal fit on the Splash Drone?

          No. There is only enough room on the bottom of the airframe for either the camera gimbal or the payload release mechanism.