Splash Drone Repair

Even the best pilots crash, don't worry, we're here to help!

Let us repair it, just call 954-213-4977

As the creators and manufacturers of the Splash Drone, nobody knows our drones better than we do. We can usually diagnose and repair within 2 weeks for only $99. Yes, we're that good.

The repair process is very simple


1 - Call us or send an email to Support@UrbanDrones.com describing your issue.


2 - Carefully pack your drone with all its components, write down your contact information and include it in the package. Send your hurt drone to:

Urban Drones

12201 NW 35 Street. Suite 219

Coral Springs, FL 33065

3 - We will contact you with a diagnosis within 72 hours after we receive your Splash Drones.


It's that simple!