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Cerulean USBL Receiver and Transmitters with Auto Sync function

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Cerulean USBL Receiver and Transmitters with Auto Sync function

The ROV Locator Mark II includes a transmitter mounted on the ROV and a receiver module located on the surface. The bundle also comes with a mounting ring and adapter. Simply power up, start the dive and track the ROV location in real-time on the QGroundControl map display. Serial communication and API are available.

Autosync works by exposing the Receiver and Transmitter to GPS or GNSS signals at the start of the mission and optionally at intervals during the mission. Satellite acquisition occurs typically within 30 seconds of power-up. In the canonical case of a ROVL receiver sited near the ROV operator and a ROVL transmitter on the ROV, the satellite acquisition will typically occur in the background, and at the time the ROV is being readied for launch and while the ROVL Receiver IMU calibration is being done.

Specifications: (delivery 3 to 4 weeks)

Maximum Depth Exposure (minimum crush depth)
Volume, Receiver Unit
Mass, Receiver Unit
Volume, Transmitter Unit
Mass, Transmitter Unit
Absolute Maximum Range
Typical Usable Range
Apparent Yaw/Azimuth resolution
Apparent Elevation angle resolution
Slant range measurement resolution
Slant range error accumulation, baseline (typical)
Slant range error accumulation, baseline (autosync)
IMU Euler angle accuracy, typical (magnetic errors not included)
Update rate
Ping Frequency
Receiver V-in power (Note: The receiver is designed to allow operation from a laptop USB port using a serial-to-USB adapter)
4.5V to 16V DC       <1 Watt
Transmitter V-in power (Note: Power supplies must be able to supply burst currents to prevent drop-out and erratic operation. While the transmitter will work with a low impedance 5V supply we recommend using 9V or higher)
5V to 28V DC
1.4W @ 5V
1.6W @ 28V
Serial Comms Voltage Levels
3.3V TTL or 5V TTL, auto sense